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Fighting Esports Club Comic Short Story Excerpt

Panel 1-Scene internal Rebecca jumping out of bed happy it's her first day of high school

Rebecca: Oh yeah, I'm finally a high school student. I can enter an esports club. I remember 3 years ago when I first saw them.

Panel 2- Flashback scene as a slightly younger Rebecca watches the news of High Schools within NYC now having these kind of clubs

Caption Squeaks

Rebecca: When I become a high school student. I am going to join these clubs!

Panel 3-Flashback ends Rebecca walks out of the room and is greeted by her mother

Mother: I see someone's excited about her first day in high school.

Rebecca: Yeah, I can't wait to make friends and join an esports club.

Mother: Well, as long you dream I couldn't be happier. Especially going to that prestigious all-girls school in Manhattan. Ooh, I can't wait to tell the ladies at the salon.

Page 2

Panel 1- Rebecca heads off the school introduction starts

(Introduction: My name is Rebecca Cloverfield and I am a 9th grader at Summington Girls Academy located in Manhattan)

Panel 2- Closeup panel of Rebecca telling her dream

Rebecca: My dream is to be a professional fighting player and compete in tournaments.

Panel 3-Exterior scene showing her heading into the subway

Rebecca: Can't wait to meet my upperclassman!

Panel 4-Exterior scene Rebecca is out of the subway walking to the school

Panel 5-Wide shot of Rebecca out by the school and shouting

Rebecca: Any of these girls can be my potential clubmates!

Page 3

Panel 1-Exterior inside the academy club forms are being handed out in class for students to see which club

Rebecca: Esports, Esports, Esports. There is no esports club of any kind!

Panel 2-Continue from previous panel Rebecca goes to the teacher to complain about the lack of a fighting game club

Rebecca:Teacher are there no esports/ fighting game clubs at the academy? I don't see any on the list.

Teacher: I'm sorry Miss Cloverfield but we do not have such clubs at the academy. The clubs here are more cater to academic growth and culture.

Rebecca : No way!

Panel 3-Medium panel of the teacher reassuring Rebecca with a smile that the club is possible. Once hearing that Rebecca sprints to the office

TEACHER: But, that doesn't mean it can't happen. You will just need to fill out a creating club application at the student council office.

Rebecca: That's great I will head there right now!

Teacher: But wait you don't even know the way. It's down in that direction.

Rebecca: Thank you!

Page 4

Panel 1- Interior by the Student Council Office door Rebecca knocks on it


Panel 2-Rebecca is given access to come inside the office

Unknown female voice: Come in.

Panel 3-Wide shot panel of the first appearance of the Student Council President and beside her is the vice president

Student Council President: Welcome I have not seen you before. Are you a freshman perhaps?

Page 5

Panel 1-Interior in the student council office Rebecca greets them and explains why she is here

REBECCA: Yes, I am my name is Rebecca Cloverfield. I would like to fill out a create club form.

Panel 2-Same panel as previous the student council president hands her the form but wonders why she wants to make a club

Student Council President: That is interesting why would a freshman want to make a new club? Summington Academy has a lot of wonderful clubs to offer. What is it that the academy is lacking for you to want to create a club?

Panel 3-Medium Closeup shot Rebecca explains her reasoning being she wants to create a fighting game esports club

Rebecca: Well, there are no hobby clubs. You know clubs just for fun. All the clubs I see are mainly academic and sports clubs. I want to create a fighting game esports club.

Panel 4-Closeup of the Student Council President slamming her hands on the table in response to Rebecca's type of club.


STUDENT COUNCIL PRESIDENT: Summington Academy will not have such clubs here!

Panel 5-Rebecca is shocked by the President's response

Rebecca: Why not?

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